What’s Special About Gardening

Having a hobby is not just a matter of finding time to kill. It’s also about developing a skill or talent that has a function. In other words, having a hobby allows you to adopt certain traits and abilities that will prove to be useful in the future.

Sure enough, gardening is one such activity provides ample opportunities for personal development. One thing’s for sure, it involves the same principles that make a sport or game exciting and stimulating.

For this, we can definitely find something of value when we undertake gardening as an essential task. There are simply various reasons that make gardening so special to the people who enjoy it. Let’s look at a few of these reasons.

A practice in discipline

A practice in discipline - What’s Special About Gardening

Like an art form, gardening is a skill that takes time to perfect. You need to learn much about it before you can confidently refer to yourself as a master. Your education does not have to be formal, though. You only need a mentor who can guide you through intricacies of gardening. For this, you will need to have the right amount of discipline in order to build the confidence and persistence needed to develop the right mindset.

New life skills

New life skills - What’s Special About Gardening

Gardening isn’t just about knowing how to plant or graft saplings. It also involves other core skills that are necessary in life, such as preparing compost and fumigating a greenhouse to get rid of pests. Another important life skill you can learn is the proper handling of tools, from grafting knives to preparing splints.

Making new friends

Making new friends - What’s Special About Gardening

Sure enough, gardening is not entirely a one-man endeavor. It also involves some measure of socializing in that you get to make friends with like-minded people. When you have the same interests, your hobby becomes a fact of life. You are able to express yourself meaningfully and create connections that would last for the long run. It also helps if you attend events related to gardening so you can further hone your skills and become part of a larger community.

Appreciation of nature

Nature is beautiful in its own way insofar as it has value to us as humans. The things we have right now is a product of our mastery over nature. And yet we tend to overlook what nature can do for us and what we can do for nature. No doubt, we are now living in an era where man is capable of shaping the environment every which way he can, creating issues and problems that affect nature, which in turn affects man. Still, through simple activities such as gardening, we become more capable of understanding the essence of nature and develop a deeper appreciation of our own value towards it.

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