Rion Greenhouse Kit was first conceived in 2005 by entrepreneur Darlene Walsh. Being an avid fan of gardening herself, Darlene knew the problems that many people like her experience on a day-to-day basis.  One such problem is knowing how best to protect plants from severe weather patterns.

Although Darlene knew she had to set up greenhouse for her ornamental plants, she found out how costly and time-consuming it is to build one. This gave her an idea of a portable greenhouse that can be assembled anywhere and at any time. She began work on her idea, and with the help of her husband who works as a design consultant for a furniture company.

Naming the product after her daughter, Darlene sold the first models of her flagship greenhouse kit. Inside the kit are a few emergency essentials as well as other accessories. Eventually, Darlene’s product quickly caught on, which prompted her to apply for a patent. Since then, Rion Greenhouse Kits have saturated the market for gardening tools and facilities.


Each greenhouse kit allows for seamless customization without sacrificing quality which is at the core of Rion. In fact, our greenhouses are made from durable materials that can be scaled down depending on your preferences. What’s more, our greenhouses were conceptualized with focus being placed on keeping quality at the highest level of our standards. For that, our quality control department is there to ensure that each kit is able to satisfy our clients.


Seeing the effects of climate change, Rion is working closely with government and non-government institutions in brainstorming for adaptability programs. Rion has participated in numerous seminars overseas. It has also send representatives to talk in academic forums about the need to maintain sustainability and the need to use technology as an important game changes in urban agricultural practices.