Greenhouse Ideas to Make Full Use

You greenhouse needs to be decorated, and not only with flowers. One thing’s for sure, your greenhouse is still a part of your home and it’s also something that you want visitors to see. For this reason, you will have to make sure that this facility is properly decorated to really capture the appeal of anyone you’re trying to impress and make new connections.

Here are a few ideas to consider when you’re sprucing up your greenhouse.

Use a lot of color

Use a lot of color - Greenhouse Ideas to Make Full Use

If you’re maintaining a flower nursery in your greenhouse, you can always opt for a diverse range of color for your presentation. For this, make sure that you have flowers with contrasting colors. A good rule of them is to prevent one color from dominating another. Make sure that there is balance as this will surely capture the interest of your guests.

Install pathways

Install pathways - Greenhouse Ideas to Make Full Use

If you have a large greenhouse in your backyard, you may opt to place stepping stones or planks of wood to serve as pathways for your guests. For a more rustic and natural feel, you can use flat stones that run through the aisles of plants. If you want to achieve more Zen-like motif, make sure to use large, black, geometrical stone slabs and place them on a gravel bed. These will surely emphasize space and achieve a traditional Japanese atmosphere.

Add in friendly bugs

Give your greenhouse a more natural look by culturing ladybugs or butterflies. However, when it comes to butterflies, you may want to isolate them first as caterpillars so you can prevent them from gnawing away at the leaves of some plants. You can have them roam freely inside the greenhouse only if they have fully metamorphosed into adult butterflies.

Use these three tips to make your greenhouse look more than just a typical plant nursery. It could be the best place in the world to celebrate the wonders of life.